Economy Class

Hyaluronidase & Emergency Complications - £397

Get yourself accredited in emergency protocols so you ooze with confidence.

  • 1/2 Day online theory

Sick and tired of injection anxiety?

Wish you could fast forward to the days where you inject with pure confidence?

Missing out on the enjoyment of injecting?

You were born to be an A-Lister not a D-Lister

Now is the the time to rip off those old dusty trainers and step into the new Boss B*tch you (with Louboutins), version 3.0. You know the one you fantasise about.

We have spent years creating this course which is going to give you all the tools you need to level up. We just can’t wait to watch you achieve your goals and inject with confidence. Just a few things you will learn with us on this Uplevelling course:

  • Emergency Management & How to deal with complications
  • Complications
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Licencing, Insurance & Regulations
  • Dissolving Agent options
  • Dissolving Protocol
  • How to mix hyaluronidase
  • Real time demonstrations of dissolving filler

If you are ready to feel empowered and to go from nervous Nelly to head strong Helen, then this course is made for you!


Cost of course £397

Hyaluronidase & Emergency Complications Course

1/2 Day online theory